• To live is to change. As a community of artists we recognise this reality. We are OURNA collective and we are honoured to share this manifesto with you. It outlines our ethics, ethos and purpose. As interdisciplinary artists, we work through multiple mediums: (music/dance etc).  In order to reach an audience and establish means of spiritual and financial sustenance we offer services that include but are not limited to artworks (for purchase), workshops, event planning, performances as well as a discussion platform. 


  • The founding members of OURNA collective came together during the height of the COVID-19 Pandemic, an era wrought with divisiveness (political/moral/spiritual) recognising the role of art as a means of healing and incitement to action. First for ourselves, and second for our potential audiences we emerged into cyberspace, awakening from lonely hibernation (isolation) and found one another. Inspired by each other's practices, we endeavored to collaborate on a variety of new and exciting creative projects. The work continues to bring us hope, and we look forward to sharing it with you. 

  • OURNA collective is made of a diverse community, comprised of global artists from a variety of  backgrounds and cultures we represents the following groups: women of colour, trans/GNC (gender non-conforming) people, disabled people, indigeanous people and historically low-income earners. We are reclaiming our space by controlling our own image. This is a revolutionary movement in the art world. And we invite everyone to join us and support us in our creative liberation. 

  • As artists and healers we work to unlock our history, celebrate our present and mould our own future. Our liberation is inspiration. The tools that we use in our revolution are: cameras, costumes, makeup, fashion, music, lyrics, art, emotion and words. Our products are unconventional, yet beautiful. Our unique skill set enables us to deliver groundbreaking artistic work in music/media/film/theatre. All of our projects are made with love in house. 

  • The movement we are creating, is one that moves from love. We are inviting everyone to support our cause with investments/follows/shout-outs/collabs and all means of financial support. Reach out to us on instagram @ournacollective. We can’t wait to grow with you. 

Manifesto created by OURNA collective in partnership with artist and activist Celestina Cardona Billington.

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