Meet the Collective's Member Artists

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Neither male or female but alien. Besomethingsoft transcends time and space to create a reality of higher consciousness. They broke out into the New York City art scene captivating audiences with their otherworldly performance art and music. They studied in the BFA Acting program for Film, Television, Voiceovers and Commercials at Pace School Of Performing Arts. At just 20 years of age, they have worked as a spiritual guide, activist, healer, actor(stage/screen), dancer, musician, writer, and director. As a Latinx nonbinary artist, they have infused the power and knowledge of their ancestors into their body of work using their dreams and intuition. Their debut album Ascendant releases on December 18th to all music streaming services. They are overjoyed and ready to share their exploration with the world, and beyond. 

Special Skills: 

Music producer, makeup artist, stylist, guitar, sewing, modern dance, ballet, film editing, photo editing,





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Celestina Cardona Billington is a visionary artist and director with global reach. An intuitive leader, she is the director of OURNA's first major project, the experimental film series "Jaguars in Jumpsuits." She is an award-winning artist whose performance and production work has been recognized by major grants from the National Endowment of the Arts and Houston Arts Alliance. Her work has appeared at spaces such as La Mama Experimental Theatre Club, Museo de Arte Moderno Mexico City, DiverseWorks Gallery and the Alley Theatre. Additionally, she has several years of experience managing artists and cultural projects. She has previously been contracted to facilitate projects by clients which include the AIR (Artist-in-Residence) program of the National Park Service, the Sundance Award winning screenwriter Phil Hartman, NY gallery owner Tyrome Tripoli and many more. Beyond her artistic endeavors, Celestina is also an accomplished stylist, with experience working in New York's iconic SoHo district for several upscale brands. She has dressed clients for the red carpet, weddings and more. Lastly, Celestina is a civic activist. She was a field supervisor for the 2020 US Census, and has led broad canvassing efforts for major charities which include Amnesty International. Overall, Celestina has demonstrated a stunning ability to manage multiple large-scale projects for a variety of clients and causes. Throughout these endeavors, Celestina has traveled the world solo, and has been to over 20 world cities. She holds a BA in Creative Writing from the University of Houston. She is 26 years old.

Special Skills: Writing, events, grant writing, program outreach, project management, artist management, conceptual art, styling, fundraising, canvassing and stage performance.




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I am a nobinary actor/director/performance artist/writer originally from Sydney, Australia who has been based in New York for the past two years; studying in the BFA Acting program at Pace School of Performing Arts. Currently located in Sydney, I primarily explore performance art though drag as the entity STARCHILD: a punkrock-glam-revolutionary-starlet, who has been sent to earth to unlock the STAR inside of all humankind. Nursed in the womb of Lady GaGa and birthed into the hands of Ziggy Stardust, Starchild was born to inspire, bind people together, spread raw queer power, and show that we are all, Starchild. 

Special Skills :
Actor, director, playwrite, poet, makeup artist, dancer (vogue), model performance drag artist, pianist, singer, stylist.



My name is Meadow Soleil Cloud (He/They) and I am currently an undergraduate student at The New School for my Bachelors of Fine Arts in Creative Technologies and performance with a minor in environmental science. I am a trans non-binary afro-latin interdisciplinary artist whose art is often a voice for my communities. I am advanced in adobe suite, and am comfortable with programs like OBS, After Effects and QLab. Recently, I started working as a Camera Operator/Sound Technician with Stylelikeu who is closing on almost half a million subscribers. I taught Fundamentals of Theater to a diverse group of high school students while serving in an apprenticeship for 3 years as the Associate to the Artistic Director at The School of Arts and Enterprise in Pomona, CA. The class culminated in a 2 week long production of Our Town which premiered at the Studio Theater.

Since I am always managing multiple projects, it’s important for me to keep a soothing energy in the spaces I work in. I am constantly fueled by the seamless connection between plants and other beings of life so my independent work is heavily involved around plants and environmentalism, while trying to maintain accessible resources to influence those who interact with my work. You can contact me at theseedsthatgrow.com or @theseedsthatgrow on Instagram.


Whether it be intersecting the realms of performance art and electronic dance music, innovating technologically driven theatrical spaces, or examining art making practices and principals of living through a unique lens of sacred ritual, spirituality, medicine, music, and nature; an ever-pervading motive in Storm Willow’s art/waking life, strives to innovate the exploration of unchartred waters of creation. Through centering their awareness on the practice of merging consciousness with energy,  whilst interrogating and surrendering to the nature of chaos and non-duality, Storm’s motivation lies in creating inclusive, collaborative, and alluring sensory spaces for creatives and creatures of the night to gather. 

Storm has been based in New York City over the last two years, and their performance record includes showcases at Grace Exhibition space, La MaMa, Judson, and Playwrights Horizons Downtown. Storm is currently pursuing their BFA through zoom at NYU Tisch School of the Arts.


Hannah Hughes is a singer/songwriter and multi instrumentalist based in Los Angeles and New York City.

Hannah has been writing music and singing for as long as she can remember. Hughes began her artistic journey at 8 years old where she was classically trained in trumpet. As a teenager she picked up a guitar. It hasn’t
left her side since. Hughes composes music for films and is also a drummer and bassist. She often performs covers of different styles of music on her Instagram.

At 17, Hughes moved to New York City where she began performing at open mics, venues, and events. In 2019, she released her debut double EP’s ‘Temptation’ and ‘Sedation’. In 2020, she released her music video for her single ‘In the Dark With Me’. Hughes is currently based in Los Angeles, California. In December 2020, she released her new single ‘Shine’. Her new highly anticipated debut album ‘Simi’ will be released in 2021.

Alongside music, Hughes has modeled in a variety of films. Hannah was cast by actor and director Ed Burns as the featured guitarist in the new television series ‘Bridge and Tunnel’, airing in early 2021. Hughes was cast as the featured model in the music video for A.R.Ameen’s cover of Pink Sweats ‘Honesty’. A.R.Ameen is the son of Oscar award winning film score composer A.R.Rahman. Hughes also modeled in the rock band Pink Cocoon’s music video ‘It’s No Fun’, shot in downtown New York City.

Hughes is so proud to be a part of such a wonderful group of hardworking artists! She is so exited to share and collaborate with such an amazing team of visionaries.